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City of Rialto
Rialto Fire Department
Rialto Police Department
Rialto Network
Rialto Community Services
Healthy Rialto
Rialto Certified Farmers Market
Sandra R. Courtney Community Playhouse
Rialto Unified School District
Rialto Branch Library
Carter Branch Library
Grace Vargas Senior Center
Rialto Fitness and Aquatic Center

Although the City of Rialto is located in the middle of one of the nation’s fastest growing regions, Rialto has retained a small town atmosphere and similar quality of life. Rialto is an ethnically diverse and progressive community, which boasts several unique community assets including its own Police and Fire Departments, a City owned Fitness & Aquatic Center, Performing Arts Theater, a Community Center and Senior Center. Rialto is conveniently located to various recreational pursuits from the mountains, beaches and desert.

Rialto Is Family Friendly

Rialto is an ethnically diverse and family oriented community. Home and family are very important in Rialto. According to the 2010 Census, nearly 33% of Rialto’s population was under the age of 18. Rialto’s median age is 28.3 years of age and the average household size is 4.20.

Safety and Service

The City of Rialto is committed to safety and a high level of service to the community. That is why the City of Rialto is proud to maintain its own police and fire departments. The Police Department currently employs 160 total employees, 116 sworn officers and 44 non-sworn personnel. The Police Department offers a variety of services including field patrol, K-9, School Resource Officers (SRO), Street Crime Attack Team (SCAT),Investigations, Narcotics, Traffic, Training/Backgrounds, Pride Platoon program, SWAT and Crisis Negotiations. The Police Department’s budget is over $38.4 million annually, with an active participation in grant funding. The Police Department continues to provide a high level of service to the community, encourages innovation, and the use and implementation of technology.

Affordable Southern California Living

The cost of living and quality of life play a major role in determining a company’s ability to attract and retain the best employees. Working people at every level want to own homes, especially close to where they work. Rialto’s housing mix and home costs are some of the most affordable in the southern California region. First-time home buyers find Rialto more affordable than almost any other comparable community in the region. Executives and those seeking high-end homes also find they can purchase much more home for their money here in Rialto. This lower cost of living in Rialto also translates into more discretionary income for residents, which is good for retailers and service providers.

Median Home Price Comparison Source
Median Home Price Comparison (May 2006)
County Median Price $ Per Sq. Ft.
Los Angeles County $ 540,000 $ 399
Orange County $ 705,000 $ 442
San Diego County $ 570,000 $ 351
Riverside County $ 408,000 $ 251
San Bernardino County $ 359,000 $ 252
City of Rialto (92376) $ 372,000 $ 255
City of Rialto (92377) $ 428,000 $ 245

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