Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has and performs the functions, duties and powers provided in the Planning and Zoning Law referred to in Section 2.22.010. The planning commission performs such other functions and duties with respect to zoning and other matters as the city council may refer to the planning commission.

Vacancies: None

When: 2nd and last Wednesday of the month

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: City Council Chambers | 150 S. Palm Ave., Rialto, CA 92376

Responsible Department: Development Services

Phone: (909) 820-2535

  • John Peukert
  • Frank Gonzalez
  • Artist Gilbert
  • AL H. Twine
  • Dale Estvander
  • BarBara L. Chavez
  • Jerry Gutierrez

 John A. Peukert (Chair)  Term to 12/31/2018
 Frank Gonzalez (Vice-Chair)  Term to 12/31/2017
 Artist Gilbert  Term to 12/31/2018
 Al H. Twine  Term to 12/31/2018
 Dale Estvander  Term to 12/31/2020
 Pauline Tidler  Term to 12/31/2017
 Jerry Gutierrez  Term to 12/31/2019

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