Sidewalk Vendors

Senate Bill 946 went into effect January 2019. This bill weakened the enforcement capabilities of local jurisdictions. Sidewalk vendors (merchandise or food) are still required to obtain a business license from the city they operate in, such as Rialto. Food vendors are still required to have a valid County of San Bernardino Health Permit and Food Handlers card for each staff member. Serving food from a garage, driveway, or home is illegal and is not covered under SB946.

If a City of Rialto business license is obtained, other violations are still enforced. This includes: littering, obstructing ADA access, illegal parking, setting up signs and accessory structures, and any health & safety hazards.

Examples of Unpermitted Activity

  • Sell within the City of Rialto without a business license
  • Sell food without a County Health Permit
  • Sell chopped fruit made to order (prepackaged okay)
  • Block sidewalks and driveways to prevent ADA clearance.
  • Setup signs besides what is on the cart.
  • Setup tables, chairs, displays, and other structures (only the cart is allowed)
  • Operate in a residential neighborhood between 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM

Helpful Information

Rialto Sidewalk Vendor Flyer (English): Click Here

Rialto Sidewalk Vendor Flyer (Espanol): Click Here

Business License Information: Click Here

San Bernardino County Public Health Requirements: Click Here

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