Community Compliance Division

The Community Compliance Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the City of Rialto by enforcing City and State codes. These codes are essential in keeping the City of Rialto safe and maintaining a neat and orderly appearance. Our dedicated and professionally trained officers are focused on serving the community by performing community outreach, promoting health & safety, and undertaking fair and impartial enforcement efforts. The division also establishes community priorities for enforcement programs. We are reachable at (909) 820-8070 or email We are located at 150 S. Palm Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376 from Monday – Thursday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


  • Foster City pride
  • Enhance the Quality of Life
  • Communicate and Educate Residents
  • Promote Safety & Welfare

Community Compliance is focused on: property maintenance, trash cans curbside all week, inoperable vehicles, parking on the front lawn, overgrown vegetation, illegal vendors, health & safety violations, and general nuisances.

New to the City of Rialto or want to learn about common property safety and nuisance issues? Take a look at this flyer: Welcome to the Neighborhood

For construction without a permit, please contact the Building Division at (909) 820-2505. Concerns with vehicles parked on a public street like abandoned vehicles or blocking driveways, please contact the Rialto Police Department Parking Control at (909) 820-2550. Be sure to provide as much information as possible (i.e. license plate, address, color, and make).

Reporting A Violation

If you would like to report a violation, have a question, or would like to request additional information, please use the information below. You may leave a complaint anonymously, but if you leave contact information, it will not be shared. Staff will follow-up with you within 2 business days.

Community Compliance Office: (909) 820-8070


Property Complaint Form

Click Here

Abandoned Shopping Carts

In an effort to reduce the amount of abandoned shopping carts throughout the City of Rialto, we require each business that has shopping carts to have a prevention plan in place. This may include a retrieval company, posting signs on the property, magnetic containment system, and other options. If you see a cart in your neighborhood or away from the business, please use the contact list below to report the cart to the appropriate store for removal.

Business Contact List

In addition, Code Compliance contracts with West Coast Shopping Cart Retrieval to do weekly sweeps throughout the City for unmarked and abandoned shopping carts. If you see a shopping cart that has no business information on it or a cart that has not been picked up in awhile, please report the location to West Coast at

Sidewalk Vendors

Senate Bill 946 went into effect January 2019. This bill weakened the enforcement capabilities of local jurisdictions. Sidewalk vendors (merchandise or food) are still required to obtain a business license from the city they operate in, such as Rialto. Food vendors are still required to have a valid County of San Bernardino Health Permit and Food Handlers card for each staff member. Serving food from a garage, driveway, or home is illegal and is not covered under SB946.

If a City of Rialto business license is obtained, other violations are still enforced. This includes: littering, obstructing ADA access, illegal parking, and any health & safety hazards. Code Enforcement is working with the Rialto Police Department to do random checks during all times of the day and on any day of the week.

Sidewalk Vendor Enforcement Flyer (English)
Sidewalk Vendor Enforcement Flyer (Spanish)

Business License Information Brochure

San Bernardino County Public Health Requirements

Volunteer Program

Are you interested in helping enhance the Rialto community or are you interested in the profession of Community Compliance? We are accepting applications for our Community Compliance Volunteer Program. Volunteers assist Community Compliance Officers in the field and office by helping remove signs from public poles, reporting graffiti and shopping carts, and help at community events.

Volunteering can be for one (1) to four (4) hours per day. Volunteers are a valuable team member to the division. Please contact the Community Compliance Manager, Justin Edson, for more information at (909) 820-8091 or

Volunteer Flyer

Helpful Resources

Contact Us

Justin EdsonCommunity Compliance Manager(909)
David HernandezSenior Code Enforcement Officer(909)
Juan Carlos VirgenCode Enforcement Officer(909)
Teresa HodgeCode Enforcement Officer(909)
Helen ShepardCode Enforcement Officer(909)
Steven JaramilloCode Enforcement Officer(909)

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