Rialto Fire Department Utilizing (UUT)

When seeking the community’s support for establishing an 8% Utility Users Tax, narrowly defined parameters were established for spending those precious new funds based on the priorities of our residents. The Rialto Fire Department is proud to announce the substantial progress it has made toward achieving those clearly stated objectives.

Two critical new pieces of fire fighting equipment have just been received from Pierce Manufacturing, one of this country’s premier fire apparatus builders. Pages of detailed specifications were developed to ensure that Rialto received equipment tailored to meet her special requirements. You may ask, “What special requirements? Aren’t most of Rialto’s structures just one- or two-story houses and apartments or commercial buildings?” Yes, but you must also remember that the City of Rialto is home to the largest rail classification yards in the Western United States, the second-largest flammable liquid tank farm in the country, and several high-hazard businesses, including some that store and use explosives. And, several of the City’s newest structures, warehouse/distribution centers, are not particularly tall, but they include more than one million square feet each!

“T201” is RFD’s new ladder truck. It has a 105-foot aerial device with water pumping capability. This unit has the ability to reach the tenth floor of a high-rise building, much higher than any building now in Rialto. Its real benefit lies in its enormous reach. That boom with its water cannon at the end can reach over and past most obstacles to get to problems lying beyond. This increases the safety and effectiveness of our fire and rescue crews.

“Engine 202” has now been fully equipped and placed into service. This new rig is run, in part, by several of the nine additional firefighter/paramedic positions that were filled using UUT funds. This new complement of staff and equipment have allowed Station 204 to be fully opened and staffed for the entire fiscal year. (Obsolete equipment and lack of personnel had caused partial closure of that station over the past few years.) The UUT has also made it possible to recruit a battalion chief, an office support person, and a fire marshal (reclassification of a fire prevention assistant) in addition to the above-mentioned firefighter/paramedics.

The Rialto Fire Department is proud to report the progress it has made in meeting its commitment to safeguard this community and in honoring its Utility Users Tax promises.

Last Updated: 10/20/2004

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