About The Utility Users Tax

The Utility Users Tax (UUT) for the City of Rialto is 8 percent, and is levied on the users of various utilities.

The UUT currently represents 24% of the General Fund budget. With the additional revenue derived from the UUT the City of Rialto has been able to:

  • Eliminate the need to levy the PERS property tax.
  • Eliminate the need to levy Community Facilities District (CFD) 87-2 taxes.
  • Add 9 Firefighter/Paramedic trainees
  • Add 10 Police Officers and 6 Law Enforcement Technicians
  • Add 2 Code Enforcement Officers and 1 Animal Control Officer
  • Add 1 new Fire Battalion Chief
  • Help fund the purchase of a new Fire ladder truck and engine
  • Purchase 2 new motorcycles for the Police Department
  • Add support staff in Finance and Human Resources
  • Add 3 new maintenance employees Enhance benefit package to improve employee recruitment and retention

Apply for the Utility Users Tax Exemption

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