Housing Division

Project Manager


The Housing Division’s core purpose is to increase and improve the supply of affordable housing in Rialto.  The Housing Division conducts the following services:

  • Home Sweet Home Repair Program. This program provides a single-family home repair loan for low-income homeowners.
  • Mortgage Assistance Program. This program provides down payment or closing cost assistance loan for low-income buyers purchasing a home in Rialto.
  • Mobile Home Repair Program. This program provides a mobile home repair grant for very-low income senior citizen homeowners.
  • Home Beautification Programs. These programs annually recognize homeowners with attractive and maintained homes (Property Pride Award Program), as well as homes beautifully decorated for the Holidays (Holiday Decorations Program).
  • Loan Services. The Housing Division services loans related to past projects. Services include loan demands and sub-ordinations.


The Housing Division also develops and monitors several affordability covenants of past, new or redeveloped housing rental or owner-occupied projects.  In addition, the housing Division manages the Rialto Housing Authority and the housing successor to the former Redevelopment Agency.

For more information about the Rialto Housing Authority please contact Development Services:  (909) 820-2505

Housing Program Forms and Information

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