Labor/Workforce Data

The Inland Empire (RIV/SB MSA) possesses a labor force of over 1.8 million persons. The dominant employment sectors are government/education, retail trade, manufacturing, construction and health services. The Inland Empire’s economy is rapidly transforming from predominantly a household service economy into a diversified economic base that manufactures, exports, and distributes goods and services throughout the world.

Rialto’s labor costs are very competitive when compared to the surrounding counties of Orange and Los Angeles. To avoid long commutes many Inland Empire workers accept wages that are 10 – 15% less than comparable positions in the coastal counties. This labor cost advantage, combined with lower land and operational costs, has attracted many businesses to locate or expand in the Inland Empire.

Source: CA Employment Development Department (11/08)
Description Rialto Riv/SB
Civilian Labor Force (10/08) 45,800 1,843,300
Unemployment Rate (10/08)  11.6%      9.0%
Source: CA Employment Development Department (10/2008)
Industry Number
Government 234,800
Retail Trade 168,700
Manufacturing 109,700
Education & Health Services 132,600
Professional & Business Services 145,600
Hospitality  & Leisure 129,100
Construction  94,500
Transportation/Utilities/Warehousing  68,100
Finance/Real Estate 46,600
Wholesale Trade 56,000
Other Services 42,200
Agriculture/Mining 16,600
Information 14,800
Total Civilian Employment 1,259,300

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