Request an Inspection


For the safety of the public and our staff, Building Inspectors will schedule interior inspections with safety in mind. Inspectors wear masks, will maintain their distance, and ask if anyone on-site is ill. You may also call to speak to an inspector about submitting photographs for simple inspections.

Building Inspection Line:
Please include permit number, type of inspection, date for inspection, and a contact name and number. Inspections need to be scheduled at least one (1) business day in advance. 

To Schedule:

* Inspections will be scheduled within 1-2 business days from request. Inspections are conducted Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You may call (909) 820-2505 after 8:30 AM to confirm inspection.

** Permit Expiration – Permits expire 180 days from the last inspection. If your permit is about to expire due to 180 days of inactivity, please complete the form below as soon as possible. Be mindful that permits expired due to 180 days of inactivity may need to conform to the new code cycle.

Burrtec Refuse Hauling

The City of Rialto has a franchise hauling agreement with Burrtec. Construction sites need to contact Burrtec to coordinate the use of dumpsters, rolloffs, and other refuse services. 

Burrtec (951) 786-0639

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