Child Development


The Child Development Preschool and Daycare Programs, both state-licensed and non-licensed sites, are designed for toddlers to learn new things while having fun! Activities are designed to develop each child’s abilities and self-worth. Each Preschool and Daycare site is set-up as a “learning center,” where we provide an environment that consisting of independent and unique stations, to help encourage self-direction, self-motivation, and acceptable social interaction skills. Instilling a sense of value in our children is a primary function of our programs while special emphasis is placed on communicating openly with sensitivity, respecting and accepting others as unique individuals, and following the “Golden Rule- Do to others as you would have them do unto you.”

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is a non-state-licensed preschool program where participants have fun while learning and developing their social skills, creating arts and crafts, enjoying music, storytime, and creative play.

Preston Preschool/Daycare

Preston Preschool is a state-licensed childcare/preschool program that offers all the components your child needs to enter Kindergarten by providing opportunities for learning through teacher-led instruction as well as hands-on learning.

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