What is the Utility Users Tax (UUT)?

The UUT is an 8% tax on home and business utilities:

  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Phone
  • Sewer
  • Water services
  • Wireless

Rialto’s UUT

In California, about 150 municipalities and counties have a UUT. Rialto’s UUT was originally implemented in 2003 with a five-year sunset on June 30, 2008. When the UUT was approved, the City Council eliminated two taxes - the citywide PERS Property Tax and a Community Facility District (CFD) Tax in Las Colinas - saving property owners several hundred dollars in taxes each year.

The UUT was extended in 2007 for an additional five years, expiring on June 30, 2013. A measure to extend the tax another five years is scheduled for a public vote on March 5, 2013.

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1. What is the Utility Users Tax (UUT)?
2. How much does the Utility Users Tax (UUT) contribute to the general fund?
3. What does the Utility Users Tax (UUT) cost me?
4. Will a “yes” vote increase my taxes?
5. Why is an extension necessary?
6. What is the City doing to run a more fiscally responsible organization?
7. What If the Utility Users Tax (UUT) goes away?
8. Don’t property taxes and our new water rates pay for a lot of this?
9. Aren’t we simply paying for employee retirement costs?
10. Are low-income households and senior citizens still exempt from paying the tax?