Do seniors need a caregiver to come to the senior center?

The activities at the Grace Vargas Senior Center are designed for active seniors who do not require special care or supervision. Seniors who require special care or supervision must be accompanied by a caregiver age 18 years or older when visiting the Center.

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1. How much is it to rent your facility?
2. How many people does the largest banquet room hold?
3. What is the earliest and latest I can rent the facility?
4. Will we be able to use your centerpieces that are on the tables now?
5. Can I decorate the night before or earlier in the day before the rental and pay for the time it takes to decorate?
6. How long does it take to get my damage deposit back?
7. What if I don’t want to pay for staff and don’t need them?
8. What does staff do?
9. Do I have to clean up or does staff do that?
10. Will ice be available to me?
11. What if I just need to warm something up on the stove, do I still need to pay for the kitchen?
12. What size are the round tables?
13. Is there a minimum number of hours I have to rent?
14. Can I hang things on the wall?
15. Is the sound system or projector and screen included in the price?
16. Will I be allowed to use the coffee maker that is in your small kitchen?
17. Are we allowed to have liquor?
18. Do you supply the food, or do we have to bring our own?
19. Does the Senior Center provide linens?
20. How long in advance do I have to pay the balance of my fees?
21. How long in advance do I have to let you know if I want to cancel in order to get all my money back?
22. How long in advance do I need to reserve if I’m planning an event?
23. Is it possible to adjust the rental time?
24. Is membership required to come to the senior center?
25. Is the Rialto Senior Center a live-in facility?
26. How old do you have to be to come here?
27. Do seniors need a caregiver to come to the senior center?
28. Can children come to the senior center?