I-210 Alder Ave Interchange Improvements Project

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 The City of Rialto has experienced substantial growth with new developments near the I-210/Alder Avenue Interchange. The project will maintain the existing diamond interchange configuration, widen the eastbound (EB), westbound (WB) off-ramps and improvements to Alder Avenue. The improvements will enhance safety, remove existing bottlenecks, and accommodate future growth and development.

 The project improvements include:

  • Eastbound off-ramp at Alder Avenue will be widened (outside) to add an additional left-turn lane, a portion of the intersection will be reconstructed and a retaining wall.
  • Westbound off-ramp at Alder Avenue will be widened (outside) to add an additional left-turn lane, a portion of the intersection will be reconstructed.
  • Northbound and Southbound Alder Avenue will be widened, a curb ramp, retaining wall, a pedestrian island will be constructed.
  • A right-turn only lane on Southbound Alder Avenue to Westbound on-ramp at Alder Avenue will be constructed.
  • An additional left-turn lane on Northbound Alder Avenue onto the westbound on-ramp at Alder Avenue will be constructed. 

I-210Alder Avenue Map


  • Cones or other traffic control devices will be used to separate work areas from traffic. 
  • Construction noise due to equipment back-up alarms and crews’ voices. 
  • Water trucks will be used to maintain dust control during construction.
  • Restrictions
    • Lane restrictions on Alder Avenue bridge.
    • Lane shifts on Alder Avenue and freeway ramps.
    • Freeway on-and off ramp closures. 

Drive with caution throughout the project area and allow extra time to reach your destination.


  • Pre-Construction: Late July 2023 – August 2023
  • Construction: August 2023 - January 2024


$7 Million


Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4pm
Freeway ramp closures are expected.


Riverside Construction, Inc.


Phone: (909) 202-4553 Hablamos Español
Email: AlderAve@rialtoca.gov
To receive project updates, please email us at AlderAve@rialtoca.gov to sign up. 

I-210 Alder Ave Factsheet

English/ Spanish Version

Week of September 11th-September 15thI-210 Alder 09.11.2023 - 09.15.2023(English/Spanish Notice)

Week of September 18th-22nd, 20239.18.2023-9.22.2023 I-210(English/Spanish Notice)

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