Various Streets Reconstruction Project

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Project Description 
The City of Rialto is undertaking an extensive Various Streets Reconstruction project to improve the quality on both major arterials and local roads. The improvements will be rolled out throughout the City limits. Many of the major arterials and local roads, are in need of upgrades, some are in need of a pavement overlay, while others are displaying significant cracking and require a full section replacement. The project will address these needs and improve local streets.

List of Various Streets - June 2023

Revised various streets list June 2023

 Project improvements include

  • Street pavement overlay, traffic striping and pavement markings.
  • Street full section replacement, traffic striping and pavement markings.
  • Removal and replacement of curbs, gutters, cross-gutters, curb ramps, driveways, and sidewalks.
  • Installation of detectable warning surfaces, traffic signal loop replacement, and separate pedestrian push buttons.

What to expect during construction:
The project teams’ top priority is ensuring the safety of the public during construction.

  • Cones or other traffic control devices will be used to separate work areas from traffic. 
  • Street lane restrictions.
  • No parking along the sidewalks. Signs will be posted. 
  • Sidewalks will be closed. Pedestrian detours will be in place.
  • Uneven pavements in between phases of the work. 
  • Open sidewalk trenches with wooden forms.
  • Construction noise due to equipment back-up alarms and crews’ voices. 
  • Water trucks will be used to maintain dust control during construction.

Drive with caution throughout the project area and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Construction Schedule

January 3 - 21, 2023- Pre-Construction Activities

  • Pothole for Utilities
  • Surveying
  • Photos and video of pre-existing street conditions
  • Lane closures are expected

January 21, 2023 - December 29, 2023Construction Phase

Working hours

Overall Work: Monday – Friday from 7 am - 4 pm
Work within a ½ mile of a school: Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm

 Funding: Local City Funds



Weekly Construction Alerts


Week of November 27-December 1, 202311.27.2023 Various Streets(English/Spanish Notice)

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