Legislative Affairs

Advocating for the best interest of Rialto is an important component of serving our residents. As part of the legislative affairs program, city staff, in collaboration with the city's hired state and federal lobbyists, monitor federal and state legislation, and engages in advocacy efforts to advance the City’s interests in Sacramento and Washington, DC.  The goals and objectives of this program are: a) to analyze legislative initiatives introduced in the State’s Legislature and Congress, and determine the impact these initiatives could have on local governments; b) to propose alternate solutions to proposed legislation and c) propose legislative actions to modify current statutes.  Staff prepares analyzes and advises the City Council on whether to adopt a position either in favor or against particular legislation d) advocate for critical funding to support priority projects and initiatives that benefit the Rialto community.

The City of Rialto works to closely monitor regional government affairs through partner agencies, such as SCAG, SBCTA, and many others. 

The City of Rialto's legislative priorities for 2023 are currently under formation.