Lake Rialto

The City of Rialto Receives $2 Million in Federal Funding From Congressman Pete Aguilar for the Lake Rialto Project

Learn About the Lake Rialto Habitat Management Community Open Space Project:

The Lake Rialto Habitat Management Community Open Space Project will improve water quality in the Santa Ana River and the downstream groundwater basins, and support habitats of two threatened species, the Santa Ana sucker and the Arroyo chub. The area surrounding Lake Rialto will also be a new public open space for walking and recreation, and provide educational programming to the public.

Lake Rialto Habitat Management and Community Open Space Project (Lake Rialto) will be located on City-owned property adjacent to the City of Rialto Water Treatment Plant and the Santa Ana River within San Bernardino County. Lake Rialto will be created using recycled water from the City of Rialto’s adjacent water treatment plant.  , Lake Rialto will improve surface water quality for native fish and other aquatic species by reducing warm season water temperature in Rialto Channel, a tributary stream to and the headwaters of the perennial Santa Ana River. The project will also serve to improve the quality of life for residents of Rialto as the lake will be designed to include pedestrian trails, open space and educational environmental programming.

To date the project has received more than $3 million in state and federal funds to advance this important project for the community.  

lake rialto conceptual design