Prescription Discount Card Program

prescription discount card

With our new My Healthy Hometown Prescription Discount Card!

The National League of Cities Prescription Drug Program, administered by CVS Caremark program to offer savings on prescription drugs to Rialto residents who are without health insurance, a traditional benefits plan, or have prescriptions that are not covered by insurance.

The card is FREE to all Rialto residents, regardless of age, income or existing health insurance. By using this card you can save up to an average of 24% off the regular retail price of prescription drugs at participating pharmacies.

The My Healthy Hometown Prescription Discount Card is made available to residents by the City of Rialto in collaboration with the National League of Cities (NLC) and is made possible through the City of Rialto membership in the League of California Cities in partnership with NLC.

To discover the savings and learn more about the program, CLICK HERE  to access the program online and print a card, check drugs prices or locate participating pharmacies.

Residents may also pick up a card at the following locations:

  • Rialto City Hall, 150 S Palm Ave, (909) 820-2519, M-F 7am-6pm
  • Rialto City Clerk’s Office, 290 W Rialto Ave, (909) 820-2519, M-F 7am-6pm
  • Rialto Farmer's Market, 290 West Rialto Ave., (909) 820-2519, Every Wednesday 10am-2pm 
  • Grace Vargas Senior Center, 1411 S. Riverside Ave., (909) 877-9706

The My Healthy Hometown Prescription Discount Card may be used at the following locations:

  • Scripps Pharmacy, 235 W Foothill Blvd, (909) 340-1415, M-F 10am-6pm
  • CVS Pharmacy 08523, 211 W Base Line Rd, (909) 874-8002, M-F 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • Walmart Pharmacy 10-3131, 300 W Base Line Rd, (909) 546-3061, M-F 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
  • Walgreens 05506, 118 E Base Line Rd, (909) 562-0267, M-F 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • North Rialto Drug, 531 E Foothill Blvd, (909) 875-2131, M-F 9am-6pm
  • Walgreens 09105, 1280 W Foothill Blvd, (909) 879-0305, M-F 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • Foothill Pharmacy, 720 E Foothill Blvd, (909) 236-7916, M-F 9am-6pm
  • Rialto Family Pharmacy, 436 S Riverside Ave, (909) 961-2288, M-F 9am-6pm 
  • Walgreens 05555, 550 S Riverside Ave, (909) 874-6700, M-F 8am-9am, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • Walgreens 11989, 918 E Foothill Blvd, (909) 746-0131, M-F 8am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • Rialto Pharmacy, 1851 N Riverside Ave, (909) 961-2565, M-F 8am-5pm
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy 5703, 2020 N Riverside Ave, (909) 873-2835, M-F 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm
  • Walmart Pharmacy 10-1862, 1366 S Riverside Ave, (909) 820-7635, M-F 9am-9pm, Say-Sun 10am-6pm

For more information, call toll free: 1-888-620-1749. Or contact CVS Caremark by mail at Caremark Inc.  Attn: Customer Care Support Team, PO Box 659576, San Antonio, TX 78265-9576

This is not insuranceDiscounts are only available at participating pharmacies. The Prescription Discount Card is operated by CVS Caremark®By using this card, participants agree to pay the entire prescription cost less any applicable discount. Savings may vary by drug and pharmacy. 

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