Doing Business

Welcome to Rialto - We are pleased to see all vendors interested in selling products or services to the City of Rialto. We strive to maintain an open, competitive, and friendly atmosphere to create a mutually beneficial relationship with all vendors. The purpose of this section is to acquaint vendors with the purchasing policies, procedures, and bidding regulations of the City of Rialto.

Industrial & Commercial Development Opportunities

The City of Rialto has a variety of industrial and commercial development opportunities, from small in-fill development sites to large development sites for retail power centers, as well as existing shopping centers that need to be re-positioned to take advantage of shifting demographic trends in the region. Take a look at our photo gallery of business in Rialto.

City Development

Rialto also has several vacant in-fill sites along Foothill Boulevard, commercial corners, as well as unique specialty retailing opportunities in the downtown Central Business District (CBD). Rialto's downtown is currently undergoing a renaissance following the completion of a $2.8 million streetscape improvement project and assistance from the Agency's seismic and façade grant program.

The recent opening of the 210 freeway through north Rialto has provided the City with four miles of freeway frontage and three existing and one proposed freeway on and off-ramps. Most of the land along the 210 freeway corridor is currently vacant and will offer developers a wide variety of new retail, commercial, and industrial development opportunities. The City is currently updating the land use plan on approximately 1,500 acres of land along the Interstate 210 freeway corridor and around the Rialto Municipal Airport.

The City of Rialto has a very pro-active Redevelopment Agency that can assist in site selection, development processing, infrastructure improvements, and other financial assistance for desirable retail, commercial, or industrial development projects.

For more information on development opportunities please call the Agency at 909-879-1150.

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