Successor Agency

Redevelopment / Successor Agency Division - Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Rialto

On February 1, 2012, the Rialto Redevelopment Agency, along with all other redevelopment agencies in the State of California, was dissolved pursuant to the Redevelopment Dissolution Act. The City of Rialto has assumed the role of Successor Agency for the administration of dissolution and disposition of all Redevelopment Agency assets. The Rialto Housing Authority assumed the successor responsibilities of the Redevelopment Agency's housing obligations.

Oversight Board

The City Council and a seven-member Oversight Board oversee the payment of all existing obligations, the liquidation of all assets of the Redevelopment Agency, and disposition of all proceeds and unencumbered funds to various state taxing entities.

Long-Range Property Management Plan

In 2015, the California Department of Finance approved the Successor Agency's Long-Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP) for the disposition of real estate assets.


  • City of Rialto Economic Development Division
  • City of Rialto Housing Division and Rialto Housing Authority
  • Long-Range Property Management Plan Real Property Assets
  • Recognized Obligation Payment Scheduled (ROPS)
  • Redevelopment Agency Implementation Plan for 2010 to 2014
  1. Redevelopment / Successor Agency