Military Banner Program

The Military Banner Program was created for the community of Rialto to honor and recognize the men and women who are currently serving and those who have served in the military that reside in or had lived in the City of Rialto.

Military Banner ExampleBanners will display:

  • Official Photo
  • Name
  • Branch of Service
  • No Rank Please
  • Two-Sided Banner


  • Active Duty
  • Retired
  • Reserved
  • Completed Service
  • Current or former Rialto resident or relative of a Rialto resident

How to Order

Applications are accepted year-round. The following items are required to submit an application:

  • Completed Military Banner Program Application (PDF)
  • Photocopy of photo identification verifying address of Rialto resident
  • Photograph of the service person in military uniform
    • 5 inches by 7 inches or larger
    • 600 DPI (dots per inch) or higher
    • Contact us at 909-820-2519 for email information
    • Photograph will be returned to you
  • Payment by Cash, Check or Money-Order in the amount of $350 to City of Rialto; this includes the two-sided banner, brackets, and cost of installation

Banner Installation & Display

  • Banner Installation will be conducted three times a year on a first come, first served basis at available locations in the designated display areas (Riverside Avenue, From Foothill Boulevard going North).
  • Decorations such as flags, balloons, streamers, and candles are not permitted on the street light poles.
  • Banners will be displayed permanently.
  • Banners may be removed at the discretion of the City.


If you wish to Sponsor a Banner in the amount of $350, we can provide an honoree on that banner. 

Military Banner Sponsorship Form (PDF)