Healthy Rialto

Healthy Rialto


To promote community wellness and wholeness through education, resources and activities.

Let's Move

Let's MoveThe City of Rialto is a "Let's Move" City!

Healthy Rialto offers healthy programs and services to the residents of Rialto. Our programs are designed to enrich and empower the lives of the people in our community. Healthy Rialto is dedicated to providing innovative and proactive solution to everyone that has the desire to get fit, stay healthy and pursue happiness.

Our Beginnings

In order to accomplish this goal of creating and maintaining a healthier community, we must come together as a community. Leading the way is our City Clerk Barbara McGee, founder and creator of Healthy Rialto. On August 11, 2007, the City of Rialto held the first Healthy Rialto Planning Meeting co-sponsored with the County of San Bernardino and Lewis Operating Corp. Council Member Deborah Robertson and Mayor Pro Tem Winnie Hanson chaired the meeting with over 100 residents attending, to gather the interest of the community on developing a Healthy Rialto Community. Barbara McGee officially launched Healthy Rialto during the 2008 City of Rialto Family Festival.

Health Eating Active Living (HEAL)

The League of California Board of Directors resolved to partner with and support the national Let's Move Campaign and encourage California cities to adopt preventative measures to fight obesity. The City Council of the City of Rialto recognized that obesity is a serious public health threat to the health and well-being of adults, children and families. While individual lifestyle changes are necessary, individual effort alone is insufficient to combat obesity's rising tide. Significant societal and environmental changes are needed to support individual efforts to make healthier choices. To that end, the City of Rialto adopted the Healthy Eating Active Living resolution.

Farmers Market

Check out the Rialto Certified Famers Market.

Rialto Certified Farmers Market