How To Do Business With The City

How the City Buys

  • Purchases of supplies and equipment, where the estimated cost exceeds $15,000 are purchased on the basis of formal competitive sealed bid.
  • Contractual services other than professional services over $15,000 may be acquired by Request for proposal (RFP) of formal competitive sealed bid.
  • Professional services may be acquired by RFP. However, the City has the right to negotiate directly with a firm without seeking competition.
  • Purchases of $15,000 or less are made on the open market. Whenever possible these purchases are based on at least three informal quotations. Quotations may be solicited by mail, FAX, telephone or personal visits.
  • In case of emergency, and with the consent of the City Administrator, department heads may purchase necessary supplies, services, materials or equipment. This may be done only when it is essential that such purchases be made in order to safeguard City Property or to provide services, which affect the life, health or well being of the citizens of Rialto.

Specific bidding policies and procedures have been established by the City to conform with the requirements set forth by law and to provide for uniform treatment of all suppliers/contractors. It is important that each supplier/contractor be familiar with these requirements and follows them.

Purchasing Division

Purchasing Municipal Code

Notice of Invitation for Bid

The process of purchasing by formal competitive bids is initiated by the City of Rialto. A notice of invitation to bid is published in the classified section of a local newspaper of general circulation (either the Rialto Record or the The Sun newspapers). Any minority or small business enterprise, pursuant to any invitation for bid, advertisement, or solicitation, will be given full opportunity to submit bids and/or proposals and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, sex, physical handicap, or national origin in consideration of an award.

Invitations for Bid are mailed to the address indicated on the supplier’s current “Suppliers Application.” Suppliers or contractors that do not respond when they receive an Invitation for Bid (IFB) may be deleted from the Supplier Preference List after the third time. To avoid this action, the bid documents should be returned with “no bid” written across the face of the cover page, when the supplier/contractor does not wish to submit a proposal.

Submission of Formal Bids

Bids must be submitted on the forms provided by the City. Completion of the forms constitutes the most convenient method of evaluation for the City. If a supplier cannot bid on all items, those items not being bid on should be marked with the words “No Bid”. Care should be taken that all amounts on the Bid Proposal Page(s) are correct. Extensions should be double checked to insure accuracy.

In case of a difference between the unit price and extended totals in a bid, the unit price shall govern. In case of a difference between written words and figures in a bid, the amount stated in the written words shall govern. An appropriate officer or representative of the company must sign the bid or it may not be considered.

Bids received after the closing time and date will be retained in the file unopened or returned to the bidder unopened.

Submission of Formal Proposals

The format of the response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) should follow the outline in the RFP documents. This allows for a uniform review of the information submitted in the responses. Formal proposals are negotiated with the firm receiving the highest score. This score is determined by the Purchasing Division and the requesting department. Oral presentations may be required. If oral presentations are required, the initial scores will be recalculated based on the information gathered in the oral presentation. Best and Final Offers (BAFOs) may also be required. The City is not liable for any costs associated with proposal process.

All information concerning proposals is considered confidential until the award has been announced. This is important to the process since the result is a negotiated contract.

Late proposals will be either retained in the file unopened or returned unopened.

Informal Bids

As with formal bids, informal bids must be submitted on the forms provided by the City. Timeliness is important in responding to the informal bid process. If the informal bid is being requested by telephone, your bid should be received in a timely manner, within the time indicated by the Buyer. If a Request for Quotation (RFQ) is being used, all forms must be returned by the time stated in the RFQ.

Where to Send Bids or Proposals

All bids must be properly identified and mailed to 150 S. Palm Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376 or delivered to 249 S. Willow Avenue, Attn: Purchasing Division. They must be received before the time set for opening of bids. Bids received after the designated date and time will be either retained in the file unopened or returned unopened, and will not be considered.

Last Updated: 12/15/2004

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